What is the Byerley?

The Byerley is a utility bicycle designed for families and businesses. It features several tool-free customization options that enable several people to easily share the bike on a daily basis.

Photo by Dylan Van Weelden

It’s a utility bike that rides like a bike.

How it works

The Byerley’s handlebar and saddle positions are easily adjusted without tools, so that the bike’s effective size and riding position can be customized to fit each user.

A modular cargo system allows front and rear cargo modules to be removed and replaced quickly and securely, without tools. Options for modules include platform racks, baskets, and mounts designed for child seats. Custom modules will also be available.

Smallish 24″ wheels offer strength, a low center of gravity, and easy standover height, while providing a comfortable ride, similar to your regular bike.

The stainless steel frame provides durability as well as the ability to add braze-ons and other attachments, even after the bike is built up and in regular use.

In addition to these unique features, the Byerley is equipped with standard city bike accouterments such as generator lighting, metal fenders, and a sturdy kickstand.

The Byerley has been in development for several years. This prototype was constructed as part of Oregon Manifest 2011. The bike is designed by Mike Cobb, with support from Joe Bike.

The Byerley. Photo by PDX Cross